Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandmom!

To honor my grandmom, who is 85 years old today, I have a picture of her from last summer at my brother's wedding (I was a wee bit pregnant in this picture).

I thought it would be neat to see what the world was like in the year my grandmom was born - 1925 - so I did a little research (most of this is taken from

The president was Calvin Coolidge and he was the first president to have his inauguration broadcast on the radio. A postage stamp cost $0.02 and the Chrysler corporation was founded. A Tennessee schoolteacher named John T. Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution and Al Capone was in his heyday in Chicago. Adolf Hitler published the first volume of Mein Kampf. Ben-Hur, costing a record-setting $3.95 million to produce, was released. Vitamin A deficiency was discovered as causing night blindness. John Baird transmitted the first television image in London, and Leica marketed Oscar Barnack's 35mm camera.

Also born in this year were several famous people including Margaret Thatcher, Richard Burton, Tony Curtis, and Johnny Carson.

So, Grandmom, as we can all see, the world sure has changed. We love you. Happy Birthday!

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