Friday, July 16, 2010

A Birthday Cake in the Making

So I am trying to get started early on Ian's birthday cake, because he'll be 1 before we know it. (sniff, sniff)  My hubby's idea was to do a Toy Story themed birthday party and how easy is that with the movie coming out and every other little kid out there going nuts over Toy Story stuff. 
So I did a search of potential cake ideas online and this is what I came up with. I narrowed it down to the top 2 cakes and here is the first one. . .

and the second one

So I like the second one the best, but I think the first one might be easier.   I want to sort of change the first one a bit by making some toy blocks to put out front and then spell out Ian's name (I'm thinking rice treats covered with fondant and then decorated - hey I watch Cake Boss).  And then I would like to find some plastic cake toppers - like maybe a slightly larger Woody to sit on the end of the bed.  I just want it to be a bit more Toy Storyish than that cake is.  At first glance, it just looks like a bed. 
So, soon I should post some pics because I think I am going to do a trial run.  But I am still researching some fondant ideas (I found a recipe for marshmallow fondant) and potential cake toppers on the cheap.

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