Friday, July 23, 2010


Finally doing some work on the front yard and now my hands are black from all the "colorguard" mulch.  I hope it eventually comes off because I have been scrubbing and scrubbing.  But I guess it is worth it to have some colorful flowers out front and mulch to cut down on how much weeding I have been doing.  I still need a few more plants - like some filler grasses or something.  I just haven't found quite what I am looking for - and I DO NOT want to buy the kind that our next door neighbor has (AKA the jungle - yeah, they even have this bird that makes very loud screeching noises but that is a whole other story). 

I have been organizing Ian's closest recently and came across a few things that he never wore, but will be too big to wear them soon.  One was this adorable bath robe - so I decided to give him a bath and let him wear the robe long enough for some pictures.

 He sat still for, hmm, a second, and then started tearing his room apart - as usual.

Trust me it was a whole lot worse, but I cleaned it up for the pics.

For anyone who does not see us on a regular basis - you missed out on Ian's "run into every wall, door, and piece of furniture" stage.  Thankfully it appears that he has decided to stop using his head as a battering ram - at least for now.  This picture is from when he was almost all healed, believe it or not.

We enjoyed our 4th of July holiday at Blue Marsh Lake - we all loved the water and I wish I had some pics of Brian on that inner tube flying around the lake while being towed by our pastor's boat.

And lastly we are training for a 5K which will take place in September. . .

we have a looooooooooooooooooooong way to go :)

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