Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cause and Effect: Adventures in Odyssey Volume 52

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to get the newest volume of AIO episodes, Cause and Effect.  Having grown up listening to the show and learning great Bible-based principles, I was excited to add this to my son's listening library.  In this new volume, we enjoyed every episode, but our favorite was probably the mystery of the clock tower.
Some have pointed out that there are many new voices, including Whit, in the newer volumes, but I am so glad that they are producing new episodes that I am willing to overlook this.  I was so surprised to learn that Focus on the Family is still producing the show, and I hardly expect them to still have all the same characters.  The point is that these are a fun way to teach our son about God.  They are entertaining for children and provide a springboard for our family to start meaningful conversations about the important issues in life. We received a free copy of this CD album from Tyndale in exchange for a fair and honest review.  5 out of 5 stars!